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About Livia

Excelling in Medico-legal Administration

Livia is dedicated to providing innovative and adaptive solutions for the ever-evolving landscape of the medico-legal world.


We are committed to continuous learning and a fresh approach, fueled by our strong belief in a client-centered experience.


Our mission is to set new standards, seamlessly integrating medical expertise with legal requirements, ensuring justice is served with compassion, accuracy, and unwavering dedication.

Our Client Testimonials

Since joining Livia  I have experienced a significant improvement in my administrative infrastructure.


Jo is always available, efficient and most importantly to me and, unlike other services I have used over the years, takes initiative in considering how my processes and administration can be improved.

My working life and balance is considerably improved and less stressful!  

Dr Hannah Bashford
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

As a medicolegal expert, I found the team at Livia very efficient.


I have used an admin company before for my medicolegal work, and I can clearly see that Livia is well organised and makes my work goes smoother.


Their excellent communication and their knowledge of how Medico-legal work make my medicolegal work efficient.


I definitely recommend Livia.

Dr Mohamad Riad
Consultant Urogynaecologist 
& Obstetrician

Speaking with the Judge
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